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 Archilles Mu Online - Season 9 Episode 2 - w/ 150x

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PostSubject: Archilles Mu Online - Season 9 Episode 2 - w/ 150x   Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:47 pm

Archilles MU Online Statistic
WEBSITE: www(dot)ARCHILLESMU(dot)com
Hello Resita Network Members,

I just wanted to Present you the Newly Opened Server, It's called Archilles Mu and it is Season 9 Episode 2 Hard Server and Rebirth System. Story to be tell, Our ArchillesMu Team had been working hard and we did a lot of try and errors for the past 4 months, I think we are certain that The Archilles MU is ready to be played with the awesome players out there around the Globe. So, this may not be so Perfect but we made sure that the server is stable and playable for everyone who wants to come along.
The server might has similarity to the other great servers out there but it has its own unique and strategized setup. We patiently took our time for everything just to assure that ArchillesMU stands out from those other great similarity Servers.
We really put ourselves for the Server to be more Sufficient and Our Team are very dedicated to make this Server successful in the near Future. We made a promise to ourselves once we open the Server we will be with You(Player) at all times and continue expanding the Server and also with your help.

As for now I am welcoming everybody who wants to come aboard in Archilles, You are very Welcome. Our Team has professionalism by means we all be guiding you when/whatever details you need to know also US(Team) we will be also conducting an event from time to time.

We do have some Freebies, It's an auto add Items equipped and Zens for these characters Wiz, Elf, BK, MG and DL. Then Summoner and Rage Fighter will be your own way to get them set up.

General Settings (Drops,Exp,Ratings,Levels)

Drop: 25%
Excellent Drop: 20%
Luck Drop: 20%
Skill Drop: 20%
Excellent Luck: 20%
Excellent Skill: 20%
Zen Duration Time: 30 Seconds
Item Duration Time: 50 Seconds
Looting Time: 10 Seconds

Exp: 150x
Master Exp: 150x
Event Exp: 125x
Quest Exp: 750x
0-10 Resets: 150x
11-20 Resets: 125x
21-30 Resets: 105x
31-40 Resets:  75x
41-50 Resets:  55x
51-60 Resets:  50x
0-10 MReset: 145x
11-20 MReset: 140x
21-30 MReset: 105x
31-40 MReset: 80x
51-60 MReset: 50x
Max Normal Level: 400
Max Master Level: 400
Master Point Per Level: 1 (400)
Monster Minimum Level for MLevel: 95

Zen Drop Multipler: 3
Harmony Item Trade: Disallow
Item Trade: Yes
Sockets for Exc Item: Allow
Ancient Harmony Item: Allow
Trade for Seial Item: Allow
Sell All Items: Allow
Enter Events w/PK Status: Disallow
Auto Party: Yes
Reconnect System: Yes
Multi WareHouse: 10(Max Warehouses)
[Post CMD]
-Enable: Yes
-Zen Cost: 10
-Minimum Level: 50
-Cool Down: 5 Sec
[Global Post CMD]
-Enable: Yes
-Zen Cost: 25
-Minimum Level: 50
-Cool Down: 10
-Max Level: 400
-Zen Cost: 1 Million
-Max Resets: 999
-Points Per Reset: 400(Reward)
-Level Up Points After Reset: 50
-ML Points After Reset: Disabled
-Rewards per Reset: 1(WCoin) & 2(Goblin Points)
-Enable: Yes
-Minimum Level: 50
-Zen Cost: 1000
-Create Guild Level: 150
-Max Guild Member: 80(Players)
-Alliance Minimum Members: 10(Players)
-Alliance Max Guilds: 5
Summoner Level Requirement: 150
Rage Fighter Level Requirement: 200

[Event Settings]
Event Drop Rates
Golden Monster: 1%
Acheron: 100%
Arca Battle
Blood Castle
Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle Survival Edition
Devil Square
Doppe Ganger
Illusion Temple
Imperial Guardian
Tormented Square
Acheron Guardian
Attack Event
Bonus Event
Castle Siege (Every Saturday)
Dragon Event
Gambling Lottery
Golden Invasion
Last Man Standing
Loren Deep
White Wizard Attack
XMas Attack (Available 2 Months before Xmas)
Santa Village Min Reset: 40 (Available in Xmas)

[Event Rewards]
-Goblin Points(Gp)

Acheron Guardian: 150(Gp)
Last Man Stading: 500(Wc)
Sapi Queen: 150(Gp)
Medusa: 175(Gp)
Dragon Red: 65(Wc)
Death King: 75(Wc)
Kundun: 75(Wc)
Erohim: 75(Wc)
Dark Elf: 75(Wc)
Balgass: 75(Wc)
Nightmare: 75(Wc)
Maya's Left: 75(Wc)
Maya's Right: 75(Wc)
Lunar Rabbit: 75(Wc)
Selupan: 150(Wc)
Snake Green: 10(Wc)
Snake Yellow: 15(Wc)
Snake Purple: 20(Wc)
Snake Red: 5(Wc)
[Blood Castle]
# 1: 15(Wc)
# 2: 25(Wc)
# 3: 35(Wc)
# 4: 55(Wc)
# 5: 95(Gp)
# 6: 105(Gp)
# 7: 135(Gp)
# 8: 195(Gp)
[Chaos Castle]
# 1: 100(Wc)
# 2: 150(Wc)
# 3: 175(Wc)
# 4: 210(Wc)
# 5: 265(Wc)
# 6: 295(Wc)
# 7: 335(Wc)
[Illusion Temple]
# 1: 50(Gp)
# 2: 70(Gp)
# 3: 90(Gp)
# 4: 110(Gp)
# 5: 130(Gp)
# 6: 150(Gp)
[Mu Rummy Event]
# 1: 75(Wc)
# 2: 110(Wc)

[Player's Commands]
Add Strength = /addstr
Add Agility  = /addagi
Add Vitality = /addvit
Add Energy   = /addene
Add Command  = /addcmd (Only for DL)
PK Status    = /pkclear
Warehouse    = /ware
Guild War    = /war
Marry Propose = /prop
Accept Marry = /accept
Teleport Marry = /teleport
Divorce Marry = /divorce
Level Reset = /reset
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Number of posts : 2
Age : 27
Location : USA
Job/hobbies : Running an Mu Online
Humor : NONE
Registration date : 2017-09-03

PostSubject: Archilles Mu Online - Season 9 Episode 2 - w/ 150x   Mon Sep 04, 2017 12:23 am

Come on aboard with us Smile
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Archilles Mu Online - Season 9 Episode 2 - w/ 150x
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